8 Best Practices In Api Automation Testing

You may be familiar with Apache HTTP Server, the most popular open-source web server software used today — your servers may even run on it. The Apache Software Foundation also makes a free piece of API testing software called JMeter. For more advanced testing, including automation and collaboration tools, Swagger integrates with ReadyAPI, the paid arm of SoapUI. Mocklets is comparatively cheap amongst other paid options here. There’s a free version with 10 mock APIs and 5 test files, and a paid version for $5 per month allowing up to 125 mock APIs and test files, plus more collaborators. Finally, larger organizations interested in this approach to API testing may try Mocklets Enterprise.

api testing best practices

For analysis purposes, you can leverage several third-party tools available in the market or build a customized software. It will help you detect failing test cases, slower test executions, errors, and most importantly, maintain the accuracy of results. However, you need to compare all the test cases with standard documentation from previous test executions to detect any false positives. Here, you can create parallel execution of test cases to reduce dependency. For example, the test case for a download feature should not depend on the sign-in test case execution.

That’s why it’s important to balance API testing with unit testing and UI/UX testing. You need to have everything — all of your web applications and mobile applications — working and functioning in a high performance and security manner. Otherwise, your business is simply suffering from business losses.

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API Fortress works as a centralized cloud-based platform where development and testing teams can work in one place. Inside their browser, users can run functional tests, execute load tests, and automate tests on REST and SOAP APIs. The API Fortress reporting dashboard consolidates results into a cohesive display so you can understand your tests at a glance. Regardless of your API’s build and environment, Tricentis aims to provide an enterprise solution custom-fit to your application. This tool supports functional tests, load tests, security tests, and exploratory tests via SOAP, REST, and other protocols.

If you’re testing an API, you need to treat it exactly as a consumer would. At times, while writing test suites we focus too much on what we know to be the api testing best practices proper response. To properly examine all our API endpoints, we need to introduce the sort of errors that a user might introduce knowingly or unknowingly.

  • Unit testing plays a very important role in making the software more maintainable.
  • Load tests, which gauge how an API handles a large volume of requests over a short period.
  • In this post, we’ve learned what unit testing is and how to set up the unit testing project with xUnit.
  • Making actual requests during the testing process may yield unreliable results.
  • Of particular note is this tool’s attention to up-to-date testing.

Doing so enables you to partially replace the mocked operations with the real counterpart as required at any given moment. Developers are keen to use API mocking to virtually recreate and assess the functions of apps when deployed into the real world. You can interact with mock APIs the same way you would with real APIs. https://globalcloudteam.com/ However, it is important to note that mocks do not provide authentic data interactions. Hardik Shah is a Tech Consultant at Simform, a firm which provides custom software development services. He leads large scale mobility programs that cover platforms, solutions, governance, standardization, and best practices.

APIs tend to expose endpoints that handle object identifiers, creating a wide attack surface Level Access Control issue. Object level authorization checks should be considered in every function that accesses a data source using an input from the user. This concludes the tests scenarios for our ShoppingCartController and we just want to summarize the general advice about unit testing. There are few guidelines or best practices you should strive for when writing unit tests. Respecting these practices will certainly make your easier. To access the data source, we are using ShoppingService class that implements IShoppingService interface.

To test API is as going beyond the GUI layer to scrutinize application to its core. Benefits come with challenges, and so with APIs, a few of the major challenges are listed here. APIs have data and they function as bridges connecting application and device, hence it is critical to test APIs to ensure data is represented correctly.

Testing The Getbyid Method

A good API testing tool, especially one with automated testing, saves time and helps testers shift left to catch bugs earlier. API mocking refers to imitations of the services and processes of a real API server to yield realistic mock API results for requests. Mock APIs recreate similar data representations as those displayed on data applications for real data. The objective is to simulate reality for precise assessment of the real-world applications of the software.

api testing best practices

However, this tool isn’t for beginners — it requires a skilled Java developer to integrate into your testing environment. For a quick and easy manual API test, you can try Inspector, Swagger’s free REST, SOAP, and GraphQL client. Inspector lets you submit manual calls to verify that your API returns the right responses. It also lets you generate user documentation from previous successful tests. Another prominent enterprise-level API testing option, API Fortress combines the range of tools necessary with a simple user interface that experts and beginners alike can learn quickly. You could find some of these issues during other types of testing.

Every time when you shop online, order food, check a map OR book a flight on your smartphone, you are making use of APIs to pull details from respective servers. And try out countless different parameter settings in hopes of identifying a request that breaks something. OWASP ZAP, potentially enhanced with some additional system tests. Testers need to ensure that REST API calls are called in the correct order to prevent errors. In REST APIs this is especially important since they are generally multithreaded.

It entails testing the code that also performs HTTP requests. Making actual requests during the testing process may yield unreliable results. Mocking solves this issue by facilitating testing at different levels, including the code, API, service, and infrastructure.

In order to perform API testing better, you should first understand the different types of API testing, which we cover below. Without knowledge of constructing API calls or the Java programming language, this tool won’t get you far. However, if you want to sidestep a more commercial option, consider this one instead. You might consider Mocklets, an API simulator for creating mock-HTTP-based APIs. Use this software to build a simulation of a future API to conduct testing while your actual API is in development. Of particular note is this tool’s attention to up-to-date testing.

Best Api Testing Tools

For these reasons, it is recommended that teams increase their level of API testing while decreasing their reliance on GUI testing. API testing is recommended for the vast majority of test automation efforts and as much edge testing as possible. GUI testing is then reserved for validating typical use cases at the system level, mobile testing, and usability testing. When you combine all of these activities — and automate them as much as possible — you can shift them left, to earlier in the cycle. This is a best practice to achieve high quality applications.

Assertible can be set to conduct automatic tests after you deploy a new version of your API and quickly flag problems, saving friction in your build and testing process. Plus, Assertible automatically syncs your tests with changes to your API, so you don’t need to update tests yourself after every deployment. Though a relative newcomer to the space, Assertible has proven a strong contender for user-friendly API testing. Use Assertible to build, store, and automate tests of your REST API or HTTP service — all its technologies are focused on making your API high-performing and reliable. Runtime error detection – Monitoring an application the execution of automated or manual tests to expose problems such as race conditions, exceptions, and resource leaks.

Finding The Right Testing Tool

It allows testers to have complete access to source code and provides several reusable test scripts. If you opt for a paid package of SoapUI, it will provide you with testing capabilities of GraphQL, JMS, JDBC with REST, and SOAP. When individual methods and operations have been tested successfully, method calls can be bound together to emulate business processes.

api testing best practices

Rest Assured is another free and open-source testing resource for developers. It’s a Java library that streamlines HTTP requests to REST APIs. API Fortress also helps you keep a close eye on your APIs with its monitoring capabilities — the program can continuously run unlimited tests and alert you when problems arise.

Remove Method

This can impact the API server performance, leading to Denial of Service , and also leave the door open to authentication flaws such as brute force. Among other things, we are testing if ModelState is validated and the proper response is returned in the case that the model is not valid. But to achieve this, it is not enough to just pass the invalid object to the Add method. That wouldn’t work anyway since model state validation is only triggered during runtime.

Api Testing Tips, Tools, And Types

There’s also an enterprise upgrade for $759 per license per year with all the capabilities of Katalon Studio plus additional features. SoapUI comes in two variants, SoapUI Open Source, a free tool, and ReadyAPI, its paid tool. SoapUI Open Source is capable of everything described above, but ReadyAPI provides more means to construct, deploy, and monitor your tests. If you’re familiar with API testing, you’ve likely heard of Postman.

This will save you a lot of effort when it comes to keeping your system running in good shape. When testing your API power, you need to make sure that every element of your programme is present and correct. You will also need to be sure that a backup programme is in place. This will save you a lot of effort in case a crash of your system should occur.

Api Testing Tutorial: What Is Api Test Automation? How To Test

The framework offers both Session-Based Exploratory Testing and manual testing features. In addition, postman enables Boolean test writing and allows extraction of web API data. An API consists of several methods and operations which can be tested individually as well as through a setup of test scenarios. These test scenarios are usually constructed by combining multiple API calls. Continuously testing API endpoints to ensure availability — monitoring API endpoints help you to identify outages or performance issues quickly.

We should try to write our tests in a way that minor changes to the code shouldn’t make us change all of our tests. The DRY (don’t repeat yourself) principle applies here, and we should treat our test code the same as the production code. This lowers the possibility that one day someone gets to the point where he/she needs to comment out all of our tests because it has become too difficult to maintain them.

Conveniently for us, there is a xUnit testing project template out-of-the-box when using visual studio 2019, so we are going to make use of that. Nothing special about the code here, we’ve got a simple example of a shopping cart controller where we have methods to get, add and remove items from the cart. In addition, he loves to connect with peers through writing engaging tech tutorials and articles.

Hence, if you’re planning to test applications in an agile environment, make sure you follow all the best API Test Automation practices mentioned here. C) The expected response time and the expected throughput for all user loads. It could be in the form of a bearer token, username and password, etc.

Thus, the mock API system can then match the simulated data to the schema with objects, data types, and arrays to create a predictive picture of what would happen in a real API scenario. API consists of a set of classes/functions/procedures which represent the business logic layer. If API is not tested properly, it may cause problems not only the API application but also in the calling application. API is a computing interface which enables communication and data exchange between two separate software systems. Software system that executes an API includes several functions/subroutines that another software system can perform. API defines requests that can be made, how to make requests, data formats that can be used, etc. between two software systems.

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