Choose one of the apps and signup through their website

Choose one of the apps and signup through their website

Generally, you will need your drivers license (or state ID if you will be using a bike), insurance info, vehicle info, and consent for a background check, among other requirements

3. Blogging

Another popular side hustle is to launch a blog. There is a lot to love about the possibility of making money from a blog. For starters, you can choose the topic of your blog, so you can work on something that you enjoy. Also, the income potential is truly unlimited. It could start as a simple side hustle and eventually turn into a full-time income or a thriving business.

If your schedule is packed during the week, you could write your blog content and work on growing your blog on the weekends. Most likely, you would need to at least check in during the week and respond to emails or handle other simple tasks, but the majority of your work could definitely be done on the weekends.

Although blogging can be a great side hustle for someone who has an interest in building an online business, there are also some drawbacks that need to be mentioned. Most significantly, it will take time to develop the income from your blog. Most new blogs dont start making any significant amount of money for several months or even a year. If you start a blog, you need to be willing to put in some time and effort before you start to see the payoff. If youre in a situation that requires money quickly, starting a blog would not be the best side hustle for you. Working only weekends, it may take even longer than usual.

  • Blogging offers unlimited income potential.
  • Most new blogs dont make money for several months, or even longer.
  • Youll probably need a little bit of time during the week for things like checking your email or using social networks.

4. Freelance Writing

If you like the idea of starting a blog, but you need to make money now, working as a freelance writer could be the perfect solution. As a freelance writer, you can contribute to a number of different websites and blogs, and youll get paid for your work.

Freelance writing is, in my opinion, one of the best ways to make extra money. I first stumbled upon freelance writing accidentally in 2007, and Ive done it off and on since then, whenever Im looking to boost my income.

One of the most most important reasons why freelance writing is a great opportunity is because of repeat work. There are many different services that you can offer as a freelancer, but with a lot of them, you will be constantly looking for new clients. Many of the freelance writing jobs that are available involve writing for websites and blogs that are always in need of new content. If you do a good job, youre likely to have work writing for the same blog or website on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you land a few clients with recurring work, you wont need to look for more work!

The income potential for freelance writing is also quite good. Of course, there are plenty of low-paid gigs that typically get outsourced to writers who are willing to work for low wages, but there are also plenty of jobs that pay very well. Some freelance writers earn a six-figure income. If youre only working on the weekends, you wont earn that much, but you can still make a very nice hourly rate (projects will typically pay per word or per article).

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