Nfts And Copyright

The very next day his determination was tested when an offer came through for 2,500 ether, or $9.5 million. It was made not because Richerd’s CryptoPunk is worth that amount — similar NFTs now go for about $400, but rather because his bluff was very publicly being called. It was a challenge, but it was still a legitimate offer. If Richerd clicked “accept”, 2,500 ether would have flowed into his wallet.

Some of the confusion may be caused by the amount of money spent on the tokens. When pixel art can be sold for over USD 1 million, it is easy to assume that the purchaser has acquired more than a string of code. The World Economic Forum’s Centre for Cybersecurity is leading the global response to address systemic cybersecurity challenges and improve digital trust.

Nfts And Copyright Issues

Most likely you’ve already rolled your eyes, either at the $9 million figure or at the very idea of NFTs themselves. The response to nonfungible tokens hasn’t changed much since March when they first started exploding. The public at large